Navels, lemons, pomelos, oranges, soft citrus and kiwis are packed at Mahela Group’s state of the art packhouse, situated at the farm, The Junction, near the town of Letsitele, South Africa.
The packing season kicks off at the end of March and lasts until mid-October. During the season, up to 900 tons of fruit are handled daily, during double shifts. Fruit that doesn’t adhere to Mahela’s strict export standards is sent to local markets as well as a factory for juicing.

Simultaneous packing for several clients can be done using the latest optical grading and sorting technology. 

Fruit undergo multiple tests at Mahela’s on-site testing laboratory and PPECB inspectors are full-time on site during the packing season to ensure that the required standards are always met.

From the packinghouse, the pallets of fruit are transported per truck to local ports where the fruit is once again inspected before they leave for their export destinations.