Quality Assurance

Strict adherence to GlobalGAP requirements, the use of state of the art technology and a team of highly qualified and experienced farmers, technicians and staff ensures that the fruit produced and exported by Mahela Group are of the highest standards.

Mahela Group is fully GlobalGAP certified (since 2003)

Mahela is also a registered and compliant member of the following institutions:

  1.   FPEF Fresh Producers Exporters Forum

  2.   PMA

  3.   CRI Citrus Research Institute

  4.   CGA Citrus Growers Association

  5.   Agri SA

  6.   Banana Growers Association of SA

  7.   SAMAC (Macadamia Growers)

  8.   SAAGA (Avocado Growers)

  9.   Citrus Nursery Association

  10.   SIZA

  11.   SEDEX