Mahela Game Breeding and Conservation

Game conservation lies close to our hearts. Apart from the plentiful plains game that can be found on Mahela Group farms, we actively breed some of the rarer game species with the aim of conserving and improving these game genetics. These include lion, sable, kudu, nyala, buffalo, black impala and bushbuck.

Mahela Group owns and market game under the name ‘Mahela Game’ as well as through a 50% partnership in BJ Vorster. BJ Vorster, in turn, markets its game as a member of Benchmark Game Breeders. Benchmark Game Breeders’ annual auction is a highlight on South Africa’s game auction calendar, with animals regularly fetching record prices.

As part of the Gravelotte Study Group,  we founded a sable breeding project in 1998 to improve the genetic pool of the region’s sable. This saw the inclusion of the highly sought-after Western Zambian sable specie into our breeding programme. At the start of 2018, BJ Vorster owned three sable bulls with horns measuring more than 50”.

The pride of Mahela Group’s conservation initiatives is an African Wild dog conservation project. The wild dog that occurs naturally in the area is protected and the excess animals are donated to other reserves in South Africa.

Other conservation efforts include the reintroduction of the African lion, white rhinoceros and elephant to the Lowveld. We also protect a rare line of white klipspringer. These klipspringers were first noticed on one of our farms, 30 years ago. White klipspringers were recorded only once before in the region, by ranchers in the Kruger National Park.